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PYZEL Voyager 1

October 16, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

PYZEL Voyager 1



CONDITIONS: 2-4ft (light onshore wind)

FINS: Futures JJF (m)

The voyager 1 is one of those boards you put under the arm and before you even put it in the ocean you know its going to go.

Rabbits was slightly all over the place but had a good amount of push with plenty of waves coming through.

From the first wave it felt right, It was so predictable off the first bottom turn and the board went exactly where i wanted it to go with plenty of speed and hold. The rails are quite a bit lower than what i'm used to so having that extra bite felt amazing especially in the punchy rights of Rabs.

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Unlike some of the other more performance shortboards on the market the Voyager 1 has quite a low entry rocker which means you don't have to work the board too hard for speed. This was very noticeable down the line and i would compare this feeling to the CI Black & White.

After every wave my confidence grew and the board began to feel as if it were glued to my feet. I started to notice how much spring and release it had when put into the lip, The board also carried well in the barrel and held a good line with no signs of skipping or sliding out of control. By the end of the surf the Voyager 1 had become the best all round shortboard i've ridden in a long time.

Predictable, trust worthy and fast!


pyzel voyager1  review boardstore

Pyzel voyager1 boardstore review

Pyzel voyager 1 review