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About us


Board Store is a small team of West Australian surfers who are creating, maintaining and offering you a physical and digital surfboard showroom.

We're located in the Vasse business Park which is central for the Dunsborough, Margaret River, Busselton and Bunbury surfer.

Because our bricks and mortar showroom of over 500 surfboards is clickable and viewable, right here on our online store - we can ship the board you've added to cart right away. 

Be it Perth, Geraldton, Albany or the rest of greater WA...most of the time, you'll receive your board and or hardware the very next day. 

Our click and collect option is there too if you're from Perth and on your way to the Margaret River Region.

We like to think of this website as more of a catalogue than an 'online store'...it's simply a digital extension of our store's product and our staff's excitement for fresh foam and fibreglass. 

Call, click, visit or browse your way into Board Store...we're frothing to place that magic board under your feet!    

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Brand Selection


With a combined 60 years of hands on surfboard dealings, we know our stuff. Board Store is a unique mix of surf retail ownership, surf hardware wholesaling, brand distribution, logistics and boutique surfboard manufacturing. When we run a brand in Board Store we know what it stands for, who it appeals to and we know most of the people behind each brand we carry

What truly sets us apart is all the stuff you want is in one place so you don't need to do the ring/drive around. 



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Customer happiness


Our staff are a varied bunch and with a variation of backgrounds comes a variation in service. Each team member can relate to how you surf and what you need. Parents, groms, intermediate, progressive, weekend warriors and pretty much every category in surf exists in our staff.  

As we get the time to field test the stuff we sell, our Blog will continue to have Surfboard reviews, what board works where videos, tips and tricks and documented missions up the coast. 



Clicks n Mortar


We like to think this isn't an online store..rather a digital version of our Vasse showroom. The surfboard images are what's actually on the shelf...the blog is what you'd talk about to our staff and the phone number goes straight to the shop floor.

We want the Board Store experience to be the same wherever you see or chat to us..in the water, in store, on the website or over social media.  


So...what problem is Board Store solving exactly?

Any successful business or service needs to be solving a problem.

Why else would a service based business exist, right? 

Is there currently a problem with surfboard supply in Western Australia?

Not really.   

There's dozens of Perth and Margaret River surf shops that carry surfboards...and more importantly, there's talented craftspeople around Western Australia that can customise a surfboard, right to your specs in a matter of weeks.  

What there wasn't though, before we started Board Store, was ONE place that carries every essential surf hardware brand and component.

One West Australian store that offers

A place you can walk into physically and digitally and get what you need right away, and maybe ask the staff about any sneaky banks around...

Thanks for stopping by

Board Store Team