Our Staff– Board Store

Our Staff

Sam (poached!) lured to MODOM QLD

It was only at age 12 that Sam made the transition from boogie boarding to surfing but since then all things surf have consumed his life. He begun to travel in search of the endless summer, scoring a job as surf guide in Indo and also Surf coach roles in both Europe and USA. Sam's addiction for surfboards sunk in at around age 20 and he figured what better way to feed the habit then to work at a surf store surrounded by the things he loves. He now works for free at the Board Store to pay off his 30 board dept. Sam also surfs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pete (N/A - hired by his own company!)

A move to the coast at a young age sparked a love for all things ocean for Pete. Growing up around the budgie smuggling clubby scene in Perth, it was a matter of time before the appeal of the surf lifestyle took over and consumed Petes life. Not enough money and too much froth at age 16 led to Pete hacking away at old mals in the hope of creating something that resembled a surfboard, and quickly led to a passion in making surfboards. He has now hand shaped and glassed over 150 boards over 5 years in make shift backyard sheds, and loves everything foam and fibreglass.



Jamie learned to surf at Mullaloo point on a 5'10" Hot Brewz Phil Usher. The waves (closeouts) and surfboard (waterlogged) are both excuses and reasons Jamie still brings up to this day when he's questioned on his style and boadriding ability..like he's the only person to ever learn in crappy waves? Along with the overall operations of Board Store and hunting down right hand beach breaks, Jamie owns a travel towel company, a wife, 2 kids, a mortgage..and sells beach garbage on the internet.


Chairman of the Board Store! Toddy grew up in the burnout capitol of WA, Rockingham. His professional football career was stopped before it even got started thanks to his love for surfing. At age 24 Toddy threw in the apron at the local bakery and bought his first surf shop. Since then he has played a big role in the WA surf industry, owned multiple stores and built great relationships with surfers state wide. After years of trips to the Yallingup, Margaret river region it was only a matter of time before he relocated the family to the place he now calls home.
Toddy is known to tow into 10 ft waves and try 15ft airs. He loves surf trips, his family and also enjoys riding a 5'6 puddle jumper at 6-8ft bears.


A passion for sliding across waves on long, short and weird boards has landed Dunno a career in selling the same experience to surfers all over WA. For 6 years he managed one of Perth's longest established hardware stores but was poached lured to the south west where he now prowls the pre-dawn ocean and Board Store floor and kindly points out slight vee's behind the fins doesn't do anything. He's psyched to try out (and talk about) new boards, old boards and weird shapes.