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DHD Mini Twin

September 28, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

DHD Mini Twin

BOARD: DHD Mini Twin

LOCATION: The Bone Yard

CONDITIONS: 2-3ft (tubular)

FINS: Chris Christenson Keel 

The whole Twin fin thing had been toying with my mind for a few months now and with all the big name brands coming out with their own versions of the classic Twin the curiosity became over whelming and i had see what the fuss was all about. 

The Mini Twin caught my attention not only because i thought it would make me surf like Asher Pacey but also because it seemed to have the right combination of a classic fish shape with hints of new school flair. I went up a litre in volume simply because i wanted it to paddle well in small waves. 

The board paddled insane and the the first thing i notice when i got to my feet was how much speed it had, Which in small fast barrels was ideal. With the board being so small it seemed to fit in tight pockets and felt comfortable behind the curl.

The one thing that surprised me most was the amount of hold the board had through turns which i would say is mostly because of the fins i used. I felt as if i could push it reasonably hard through rail turns but in saying that there were moments i pushed it hard enough to find its release point resulting in some entertaining dismounts. 

The excitement of surfing something completely different to my everyday board never wore off. The lines i chose and the turns i tried were completely different to my average thruster which resulted in one of my funnest sessions in months and made me realise how essential a twinny is in the quiver.

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