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LSD/BoardStore GTX

October 17, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

LSD/BoardStore GTX

BOARD:   LSD/ BoardStore GTX




This year we got talking with Luke Short about materials, board design for WA  and collaborations which has resulted in this! The first of many Board Store limited edition models.

I have put plenty of boards to the test over the years here in the South West and feel like i've got a good understanding of what works well in WA.

Luke being the incredible shaper he is took on this information and applied it to the original GTX, customising it into an all round West Oz shred sled thats both strong and extremely versatile for a variety of different surfers.

I probably say it more often than normal but this board goes INSANE!!

Ive surfed it all through Indo, down in Gracetown and all around home (Yallingup) and every time i get on it it blows my mind! 

My stand out surf on the LSD GTX would have to of been at pumping 4-6ft Bears. It feels so solid off the bottom and not once did it skip a beat.

After riding lots of short fat alternative looking boards the past year it feels so good to jump back on something that has no limit on how hard you can push it. 

The livelyness of the stringered Epoxy is hands down my favourite construction and LSD have nailed it with this model by giving it a lower rail to compensate for  the slight extra buoyancy. 

The outline suites the southwest to a tee and im not getting off it anytime soon!

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