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Chapstar 5 Star

October 20, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Chapstar 5 Star

BOARD:   The Chapstar 5 Star 

LOCATION: Gnaraloo

CONDITIONS: 4-5ft clean

FINS: Futures


I got Chappy to shape me up a 5'10 round tail  5 Star to take to Gnaraloo but also wanted it to be a board i would use when the waves turned on at home in the Southwest.

I had ridden the board a hand full of times prior to Gnaraloo but from those sessions i knew it was a board that needed a wave with a good amount of energy.

It was a dreamy 4-5ft day at Tombstones that i really got to put the board on rail and feel how much drive it had. This size at Tombies would have to be the most ideal testing ground for any board (200 meter long rides that break at the perfect speed with multiple sections) you really cant ask for much more. 

I remember i didn't want to blow my first wave as i could see it was going to peel for a few hundred metres so before i took off i told myself to take the first few sections easy until i found the boards sweet spot.

The wave stood up on the take off and straight away i could feel the tail knife into the face. This gave me plenty of confidence off the bottom  which allowed me to line up the first section with plenty speed and control. I could feel my confidence grow down the line and by then end of the wave i noticed  i was driving into sections which i would be forced to nurse if i were on my everyday 5'8 square tail.

Since Gnaraloo i've surfed the 5 Star in everything from tubing rabbits to 4ft Inji Carpark and the one thing i keep noticing is when the waves turn on it doesn't skip a beat.

The 5 Star has been my reliable board of choice in anything from 4-6ft.

Chapstar 5star Tombstones

Chapstar 5star



Chapstar %star Gnaraloo

Chapstar 5star