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Haydenshapes Plunder

October 24, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Haydenshapes Plunder

LOCATION - Farm, Bunker BayYallingup Mainbreak, Lights Beach Denmark

CONDTIONS - Head High 

FINS - Future Gerry Lopez Single 

So the Plunder aint the prettiest looking board - but no doubt it'll get you surfing more...and catching 5 x more waves.  

Overall, the volume of the Plunder is about 10-12L over what I'd normally ride. But considering I'm in need of a Farm, small Yalls craft...(lazy me) needed paddle power. 

I probably only caught 5 waves out at the Farm, but it was a whole lot more fun than riding a standard short board out there. 

A full-rounded nose like this lifts the whole board up super early when paddling in...and early entry (on fat waves) gives you more options to move your feet around & find the sweet spot. 

Cant say I surfed it overly well - but it was by far one of the more entertaining boards I've ridden in a while.

A single fin on a board this size was a new feeling...glides into the pocket smoothly & gets a heap of speed right off the bat. 

Turning it was nice and flowy but completing the turn was where it got interesting. Having one fin to bring back around and complete a turn (on a 6'2) made for some 'interesting' looking 'turns'.

Best waves I had on it tough was at Light Beach, in Denmark. With a Captain fin quad set up it had more bite, more hold and overall a heap more fun.

Ended up high-lining a few beachies with it recently and feels way more rewarding than fumbling around small waves on a standard shortboard thruster.

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