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LSD Twinny

October 30, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

LSD Twinny

Board: LSD Twinny

Location: Smiths Beach

Conditions: 2-3ft (Southerly wind)

Fins: Futures AMT

Speed, Acceleration, Pop!


The LSD Twinny has been a favourite of mine for quite sometime which is why i've gone back for a second one.

Its ability to generate speed with little to no effort is what keeps me coming back for more. The entire board has a very flat rocker with plenty of foam under the chest/front foot, This allows you to get up and going almost instantly.

The board is made from an EPS/epoxy construction which in these kind of waves i absolutely love. It makes the board feel lively and extremely responsive as if it has some kind of built in spring haha. For me this can almost be a bad thing as i quite often find myself just trying airs for an entire session instead of surfing the wave. 

Although theres no video evidence in the clip below the Twinny feels insane on rail. Its got quite a pulled in tail and fairly low rails that give it a surprising amount of hold through turns.

I highly recommend the Futures AMT's with this board. I have tried a bunch of different fins but have found the AMT's give it so much more spring and drive than an average thruster.   

Be warned after riding The Twinny your everyday board will probably feel like a slug.

LSD twinny smiths beach

LSD Twinny Surfboard