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Firewire Midas

January 16, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Firewire Midas

BOARD: Firewire Midas



FINS: Aipa Futures 


This board is insanely versatile and paddles like a dream!

I paddled out on the Midas thinking it was going to surf more like a fish but after my first wave i quickly learnt it wanted to do much more.

Stroking into the waves felt effortless due to the low rocker and extra foam under the chest, This also helped to fly through flat parts in the wave.

The crazy bottom contour or what Rob would call The "Board Eat Board" definitely had an effect on the board not only by giving it speed but also a feeling of forgiveness. For example on one bottom turn/top turn combo i felt as if i should of bogged straight off the bottom turn but the board still carried its speed and rolled from rail to rail with out skipping a beat. Almost as if it had an inbuilt anti bog rail device.

I could never get bored of riding the Midas simply because of how versatile it is. Wether you want to go out and ride it like a fish with style in small surf or rip the bag in some punchier waves, It can do both equally as good.

This board for me is best ridden as a twin with a stabiliser fin. I would recommend the Chippa Wilson's by Captain Fin  or the MR twins by FCS2 

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