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DHD Sweetspot 2.0

November 30, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

DHD Sweetspot 2.0



Conditions: 3-7ft 

Fins: FUTURES AM2 / QD2 4.0 (rears)

The ease of paddle is the first thing I noticed with the sweetspot 2 followed by how fast it went straight off the bat. This is my go to board for when the waves start cranking and is amazing for travelling with its solid glass job. I can put all my faith in the rounded pin off the bottom to not slide out and project me onto the face with speed. I have surfed this board in small stuff and it works, but when it gets over 4 foot it comes into its own and just blows my mind every time. 

Not only is it my board for good waves at home but for travelling through South Africa and Indo this board is unstoppable. The double 4 glassing all over for one gives it a 'dingproof' feel and confidence in bigger waves. Setting it up as a quad just turns this board into a weapon giving hold in barrels and speed down the line. This paired with ease of paddle made me fall in love with this board and has cemented itself into my quiver!!!

My favourite waves for this board are Jeffery's Bay (South Africa) for speed and turning, all over Indo when its over 4 foot and Bears when its cranking.

I have been riding my 6'1 sweetspot with AM2 Future fins for thruster and then adding the QD2 4.0 as my quad rears. 

Overall this board is epic as a step up when the waves get pumping at home and/or a great travel board for Indo or wherever you go where the waves are turning on!!!



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