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STACEY Zombie Wolf

November 21, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

STACEY Zombie Wolf


LOCATION: Top Secret Beach Break

CONDITIONS: 3-4ft Clean

FINS: FCS2 Performer

After hearing about Dunno's magical connection with the Zombie Wolf at Red Bluff i thought i better give it a go and see what he was on about.

Straight away off the bottom the board reacted differently, The amount of flex and spring the board had felt insane. The Epoxy 50/50 construction is crazy responsive and at times i felt like the board was one step ahead. 

It took a little figuring out but after a few waves i found that magical connection Dunno was talking about and i was hooked! The board went exactly where i wanted it to go and i felt as if the harder i pushed it through turns the more responsive it became.

The pulled in rounded pin tail compensated for the light weight epoxy feel and allowed me to be heavy on the back foot going into turns giving it plenty of bite/control. This also helped with holding a line through a few hollow sections.

I rode the Zombie Wolf as a thruster but am eager to try it as a quad next time i take it out, especially if the waves are similar to this day. 

All in all it felt like a solid allrounder and would ride it in anything from 2-6 foot.

Zombie Wolf 50/50

Photo: Cam Ashworth 

Stacey Zombie Wolf

Photo: Cam Ashworth

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