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Now here's a whole lotta fun!!

March 11, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Now here's a whole lotta fun!!

Mason Ho is the man and we think every surfer should take a note out of his book.

If you've ever been in the water with Mason or watched his edits you would come to realise that if your not hooting, laughing or frothing while surfing, then your more than likely doing it wrong.

This guys seems like he has more fun than anyone and it doesn't come as a surprise that his first Pro model by Mayhem (that we have in stock) is a little out of the ordinary.

The "Voodoo Child" is a wild mash of modern day concave, rails and outline that possess classic 80's characteristics like a beak nose, flat rocker and extra thickness. It's really like nothing we've ever seen before which means Mason probably had a lot of input into it's design.

The elements combine to not only make a creative expression of Mason’s concepts and interests, but they balance out into an easy to ride, generously proportioned all around short board with post modern and retro influences. It's design is well suited for smaller days on the North Shore (2-4ft) surf that we think looks a little similar to the waves here in the South West (slightly wind chopped but still plenty of power). 


The Voodoo clearly performs as you will see in the clip below but take note of how much hold it seems to have through Mason's unique lines in Indo.


The Voodoo Child is something different that's guaranteed to improve your enjoyment levels in the water. We have a bunch of different sizes in store so come down and have a look for yourself.