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More Spice?

March 02, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

More Spice?

New, improved and back by popular demand!

We just received the hottest bunch of Chilli's and your not going to find this kind anywhere else in Perth or even Western Australia!  

The "XF" construction is back by popular demand with a new look and a fresh weave. Hands down one of the most durable constructions we have trialled through out our years of experience in surf retail... and we've trialled a lot of boards.

Its construction is made up of a double twisted weave fibreglass combined with strands of Innegra S fibre (the white lines through the board). Quiet a hand full to say and to be honest  sounds a little too high tech but whatever it is it works!

chilli XF

Not only does the construction out perform so many others but it also has slightly more strength meaning glass fractures and pressure dings are a lot harder to come by. Unlike most other epoxy constructions the XF has a stringer which not only strengthens the board but also gives it a similar feel to a PU in waves with power.

The NEW "XF" is available in two of our customer favourites. The "Odyssey" and the "Rare Bird". 

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