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May 16, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments


Board: DMD Sprokit

Location: Smiths Reef

Conditions: 2-3 ft Cross Shore

Fins: Futures WCT

Best ridden 2-3 inches smaller than your normal shortboard the Sprokit is a little gem that does much more than grovel small waves.

I rode a Sprokit non stop for a year in just about everything and although it worked well in most conditions it felt best in 1-3ft punchy reefs and beachies.

Unlike most smaller boards the Sprokit has quite a bit of nose rocker and although its got extra volume under the chest the outline comes right in through the nose which hides the width allowing you to surf it with ease in hollow waves.

The Sprockit tail isn't your typical small wave grovel board tail, Its fairly narrow and finishes with a diamond tip which acts as a pivot point giving it a little more bite in meaty waves. Its V bottom through the fins and tail allow it to roll from rail to rail with ease which is ideal in a nice tight pocket.

From Boranup to Bears the DMD Sprockit will get the job done with an entirely different feel to whatever your riding now, but beware.... you may never want to get off it!   


Sprokit dmd surfboards

Manno's glass jobs are second to none and are definitely catered for the Southwest!! 

DMD sprokit