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DHD and the DX1

April 26, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

DHD and the DX1


LOCATION: Lefthanders

CONDITIONS: Super fun 3-4ft

FINS: Futures AM1

I had surfed the DX1 a few times in average waves and it felt good but it definitely feels like a board that would love something with a little more energy.

The DX1 has replaced my Pyzel Voyager1 as my allrounder (2-4ft), Its the same length and volume but has more tail rocker, a deeper concave and fuller rails.

The big thing i noticed was that the board loved to be driven and reacted immediately when i applied pressure on the tail making it very responsive.

It felt super reliable off the bottom and carried plenty of speed through turns which allowed me to go into the next section with more control and a little more confidence which is perfect for a wave like lefties.

The DX1 sits in my quiver as my everyday shortboard, It grovels ok but shines in the good stuff which lucky for us is almost everyday in the Southwest.

The waves at Lefties were ideal and allowed me to feel out how fun this board really is.


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