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We all love twins!!

January 18, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

We all love twins!!

Just like Arny and Danny, we have twins in a range of sizes, colours and constructions. With the subtle summer swells's gracing our small wave secret banks, there is no better way to attack them than with a fun filled twin fin.

Options for slicing a double blade through the silky waves of summer include the high performing DHD Mini Twin, Rob Machado's fave the Go Fish, Stacey's refined Times Two, a classic remake from Mark Richards, the newcomers Chilli with the Sugar and Sharp Eye have the Modern 2,  of course a store favourite the LSD Twin.

With so much choice thrown on the table there is a twin fin for almost anyone and with boards must come fins. We are stoke to offer a range of fins that can change the tune of your board from cruising to attacking one fin change. One option from each of our top brands include the FCS MR Twin, Futures K2 and the Chippa Wilson's from Captain Fin.


So stay in the water longer, get those soul arches dialled and keep drawing those magical lines through the crystal clear happiness maker.