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The Mighty Leggy String.

January 24, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

The Mighty Leggy String.

The Leash String.

Scrolling through your three trusty forecast sites that line up somewhere in the middle, you know that its going to be pumping in the morning. It's time to put the fish away for the first time in months and get your good wave weapon on the ready. You pack your car so you can wake up and hit the frog and toad as early as possible. You have made sure you have everything, step up board, leggy, dry wetty, fresh block of wax, two sets of fins and your trusty crusty towel.

Waking up before your alarm is easy today as you can picture yourself flying out of every barrel you pull into. You get to the end of the dusty track as the sun starts to rear it's drowsy head and you pick out the last of your eye crust to see perfection peeling down the line. It's got to be at least 6 foot and only three guys out, you have never slid into your wetty a fast as this and in fact you think about if there is a world record on wet suit putting on. Waxing up your board you start getting the giggles of how good it is and how epic you are going to surf.

Reaching for the leggy your so pumped, your brain is already out there and you see a guy just rip that wave apart, and then reality hits!

3 guys in the water, no one else in the car park, its a reef break at 6 foot and you can't see a little leggy string. You check your board, you check the wet suit bucket, glove box, under your seats, your board again, your leash again. Nothing. you wore your jeans so there is no board short leggy string replacement to help you there, it's not even cold. Today you notice how pristine the car park is with only a few bush chook tins lying around, why is everyone so conscious about the planet.

You way up your options, head out with out the insurance policy of a leggy and risk your favourite board becomes your favourite three boards or head home with not enough time to get back before you clock on at work. Keeping your board in check wins the mental battle and you get home with the wind blown from your sails and an influx of text's saying how good it is today and where did you surf?

The smallest thing in surfing can make or break your surf and we will always make sure you walk out the door with one.