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Tyler Does West Aus

September 10, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Tyler Does West Aus

Tyler In West Aus from Board Store on Vimeo.

Tyler Allen

The Californian was recently in Australia for the last Quiksilver Pro  working with surf stitch, interviewing a handful of the Pros on tour!

While Tyler was in Australia he called up Fellow Aussie mate of his Sam Tucker (Boardstore Manager). Tyler was in Byron at the time of the call. "Sammy Bra! Hows it" in his thick Australian/Californian accent. He explained that he felt like he was getting sucked into the Byron vortex with all their tasty craft beers, beautiful women and fun surf, He then went on to say that if he didn't jump on a flight to west Aus the next day he was going to get stuck. It didn't take much convincing from Sam, Tyler was on a flight over the next day.

After picking Tyler up in Perth They headed to Our home in Yallingup. 

From the day he got there until the day he left it was sunny left handers and sausages on the barbie.

Being around Tyler you can't help but bring out those old Aussie sayings and really put a Aussie twang on everything you say. We don't have to explain how funny the man is but what you probably don't realise is the Tyler you see all over social media is the exact everyday Tyler you get. no scripts, no plans just a genuinely witty, funny, humble dude.  

After a week in paradise it was time to move onto the Mentawai Islands! Tyler didnt want to leave and we don't blame him!