Do you guys have AwayCo ? | Board Store

Do you guys have AwayCo ?

December 06, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Do you guys have AwayCo ?

AwayCo from Board Store on Vimeo.

AwayCo Western Australia.

Perth and the South West's only AwayCo Program.
No more buying the wrong equipment and riding it out of obligation. No more ageing gear collecting dust in the garage. No more excess-baggage fees, cramped rental cars or missing the best day of the year because you’re ill-equipped.

With Awayco, you navigate the earth unchained. Boundless. Free. You go by tuk-tuk, instead of by van. You carry a backpack, not a suitcase. And when the snow melts and the surf goes flat, you explore the perimeters of your comfort zone. Cities. Forrests. Deserts. Rivers. You tinker, discover and play — sampling an endless array of joycraft — because every day is different, and because now you can.