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VEIA John John Florence 7'0 Tour 5-7 Board Bag

Developed in collaboration with John John over multiple trips, this is the bag he now trusts to transport his boards around the world. VEIA's exclusive Rockered Shape on our Tour Bag will help to get your boards there in one piece by reducing pressure points on your noses when packing multiple boards.

Internal nose and tail reinforcements reduce the risk of nose and tails getting crushed while traveling but then stow away for easy flat storage. External straps compress to fit in tight vans and other random transit around the world while internal straps hold your boards in place. External and internal fin and accessory pockets allow for one plenty of space for surf trip essential. And..for added peace of mind, we've included an AirTag holder for easy tracking until your boards are back in your arms and ready for your session on the other side of the world.

Fits: 5-7 Board (up to 7'0")

Color: Black

Weight: 11 Lbs


- Fits up to 7 surfboards

- Rockered shape exclusive to VEIA..fits your boards while reducing nose pressure points

- Multiband™ Outer Loop with multiple grab points and roof tie down loops

- Outer strap tunnel to reduce hangups

- Padded & reinforced end caps, removable for easy storage

- Included 6" Carabiner for storage and attaching to other bags/tie downs

- Padded shoulder straps

- Outer zippered accessories pocket with space for fins, etc.

- Internal mesh pocket

- Internal AirTag™ pocket

- Neoprene main handle

- Top grab handles for easy handling (Red so baggage handlers get the message too)