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Timmy Patterson

Timmy Patterson - IF 15 - Round Tail



The IF-15 model is a high performance model developed for the WCT surfer Italo Ferreira.

Shaped with a well-balanced outline that foils into a fuller wider nose creating excellent stability upon returning from extreme maneuvers. We keep a sharp edge around the curve of the tail, which allows maximum control through out any type of maneuver. This boards bottom come standard with a slight single concave. Medium rocker. Ridden best with a squash tail but also works very well with a round tail or swallow tail to accommodate waves from anywhere in the world. We can put together this board in many different sizes to accommodate any customer. The board is much more progressive with actually more volume than your normal idea of what a WCT performance shape would be. Italo is always coming out of his maneuvers with high speed through landings while rotating out because he does not waste time sinking in the middle of  his landings so he is always keeping the speed and still has all the control he could possibly want. These newer performance style boards that the guys are starting to ride translate into a very user friendly board for the standard user where it used to be the other way around. The Italo model has the right amount of volume to get you into those 2-3 extra waves each session that we always seem to miss without sacrificing the performance.


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'5 18.25 2.13 22.69
5'6 18.32 2.18 23.67
5'7 18.40 2.20 24.36
5'8 18.50 2.22 25.10
5'9 *Italo dims 18.62 2.25 25.98
5'10 18.70 2.30 27.04
5'11 18.80 2.38 28.50
6'0 18.95 2.42 29.72
6'1 19.10 2.48 31.11
6'2 19.25 2.50 32.05
6'3 19.38 2.55 33.35
6'4 19.50 2.62 34.97