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The Last Crusade - Mayhem Book

The Last Crusade - Mayhem Book

In the summer of 2020, when the entire world was on lockdown and freedoms were restricted to limits never seen outside of war time, while most of us were hiding in our homes and sanitizing our groceries, Kolohe Andino and four of his closest friends risked everything and embarked on a surf trip for the ages. A rally against repression. A Crusade.

In the face of relentless logistic, social and political roadblocks, they were the first International surfers to enter Indonesia, just in time for a relentless run of swell and score some of the best surf ever seen in the Mentawai Islands. This book, a companion to Kolohe’s forthcoming film Reckless Isolation is the photographic documentation of that trip.

That Crusade.

The Last Crusade.

Featuring the surfing of Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Crosby Colapinto, Ian Crane and Luke Davis. Showcasing the photography of Nathan Lawrence and the writings, rumblings and ruminations from many of surfings finest wordsmiths, as well as in-depth profile interviews with the surfers themselves.

At nearly 300 pages and loaded with hand drawn maps, humorous illustrations and caricature portraits, juxtaposed with some of the most striking images ever captured of the Mentawai archipelago, The Last Crusade is a once in a life time travel tale, documented in beautiful, high gloss ink and paper, at a time when printed surf media is a dwindling and dying art form.

– Matt Biolos