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T&C The Still Single


The Still Single by Ian Byrne, has a fuller flan shape single fin, with plenty of volume up front, making it a great option as your daily rider in most conditions.

However the nose rocker and vee combination means that this board performs when the waves get bigger and hollower, particularly if you customise this board with a 6 channel bottom..

Did you guys see the footage of Parko riding an Ian Byrne six channel single fin at Kirra during cyclone Oma in early 2019? Check it out and you'll see what I mean!     

  • Shaped by master shaper Ian Byrne
  • Novice to advance skill level
  • Best in reef / point waves
  • Single find box 
  • Rounded pin tail
  • Logo party T&C decals
  • Wet and dry sanded
  • Also available in 6 channel bottom
  • Clear finish available 
  • Blue spay available
  • 5 week turnaround on customs