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Pyzel Mini Ghost


The Mini Ghost came to beasa resultofworking with Koa Smith to build a rippableshort,chunky,funversion ofoneofhisfavourites, theGhost. Koalovesridingtinyboardsfor thesmaller days ontheNorthShore,butweneeded topackmorevolume intothemtomakethemfunctionaland give them paddlepowerand stability.


We shrunkKoa's5'9Ghostdownto a5'5"and togiveit more floatwewideneditupatouch,flattenedoutthedeckandmadetherails thicker andmore boxy.Wealsoaddedamodernbeaknosetokeep evenmore foam under thechest-areaandupintothe nose.Thevolume addedissignificant-a5'10"GhostXL is 28.80liters,while a 5'7"Mini Ghost comes in at28.70litres!Wemadeafew small changes totherockeranditcomesineitheraroundtail,or awiderbumpsquashtomake the board veryfuninsmaller,weaker waves

Overallthe bestwayto describe it isasort ofthrowback 80'slookingboard withall theadded performancefeaturesofamodern design

It'smadefor high performance ripping, but is also great for less skilled surfers due to the added volume andforgivingride.Meant tobe ridden3-4inchesshorter,andaround the same volume asyournormalshortboard,theMiniGhostwill giveyour surfinga fresh feelandkeepyou happy in all kinds of conditions and types of waves.