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Haydenshapes White Noiz Futureflex

5'6'' 18 5/8'' 2 3/16'' 23.58 ltr
5'7'' 18 3/4'' 2 1/4'' 24.75 ltr
5'8'' 19'' 2 5/16'' 26 ltr
5'9'' 19 1/8'' 2 3/8'' 27.4 ltr
5'10'' 19 1/4'' 2 7/16'' 28.8 ltr
5'11'' 19 1/2'' 2 1/2'' 30 ltr
6'0'' 19 3/4'' 2 9/16'' 31.8 ltr


White Noiz is a performance shortboard that’s been designed around Craig Anderson’s feedback on approaching smaller waves. It offers a playful sensitivity and encourages a smooth, clean approach often applied to surfboards targeting bigger conditions.

Craig’s personal preference for a performance shortboard is clean and simple in its DNA. The shape features smooth continuous rocker and outline curves, which allows the board to feel comfortable in all parts of the wave with no surprises.

The plan shape also has a little more surface area around the 12” marks in the nose and tail creating a larger sweet spot from which to generate speed in less powerful waves.

Moderate concave runs almost the entire length of the board with very clean fade-out at both the nose and tail. Slight double concave between the middle of your stance, and through the front fin area, adds nice directional acceleration to the bottom curve.

Whether you're a front or back foot surfer, White Noiz has a very balanced feel. This model prefers to be ridden 1” – 2” shorter, and surfs best in waves from 1 – 4 feet, (waist to head and half high).