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For 2022/23 Channel Islands is focusing their shortboards in a wider size run to cater for mini groms looking to progress their surfing.

If your grom is competing or even just surfing regularly then there is good chance he/she is being held back by boards that are the wrong size, wrong construction or just cheaply designed as an after thought..

The Two Happy from Channel Islands was designed by Britt Merrick with the help of modern day surf icon Dane Reynolds, this is Channel Islands premier shortboard model for 2021 and is an adaption of the previous iteration called The Happy. The Two Happy has been tweaked from the original Happy template to be a more forgiving version of it's counterpart. The bottom curve is a single to double concave with the double concave being more pronounce than most high performance models, the rails are fuller and the tail block is thicker to help flow through turns easier, the entry rocker is slighlty increased on the Two Happy to help you to fit in to the pocket more on a bowly wave.