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The Lotus is an ode to the 80s flat deck thruster. A design pioneered by Simon Anderson, my take on the early 80’s thruster includes all the original design elements like the bump flyer, beak nose, low smooth rocker and flat deck with chimed low/soft rails. The modern twist added was tweaking a traditional flat or vee bottom. Keeping a little vee in the nose to prevent catching, I added a shallow single concave under your chest that blends into a super deep double concave between the fins, finishing with a flat exit. These changes have replaced a slow, rail-to-rail roll with more speed and release. Underfoot the Lotus surfs incredibly fast and skatey, with a wide range of maneuverability for tight surfing in the pocket. Along with a nice amount of hold and drive when put on rail. Our most loved model from customers to our team and a must-have in your quiver to keep your surfs fun!