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A few words with Matt Parker, Board Designer and Head Shaper

What are the main influences in your designs today?
Fun, speed, magic. Finding the right combo of outline, rocker, rails and foam to make the most out of your sessions.

How would you describe your shaping philosophy?
What board is going to let you have the most fun? We’re all about realistically assessing where you surf and specifically what you are trying to do on the wave. Then we get you the right board with the right dimensions that will allow you to reach your potential and surf the way you want to surf.

What do you enjoy most about shaping?
Taking something I dreamed up in my brain and seeing it translate into a functional form in the water. Helping surfers improve their skills through better equipment — seeing surfers actually get better over time because of better equipment. Getting to be a test pilot and experimenting with my own shapes out in the water.

Any words of advice for surfers looking to find a great board?
Be totally honest with yourself and with your shaper about your abilities and what specifically you’re trying to do on the wave. Have fun…it’s only surfing!

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