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DMD D-Train Stringered EPS

April 17, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

DMD D-Train Stringered EPS

Board: DMD D-Train Stringered EPS



FINS: Futures Tokoro 

DMD D-Train

It's been years since I've sunk my feet into one of Manno's boards and the thought of one of his designs in the XF stringered EPS construction got me pretty excited.

A little left was running into a gutter and it looked like the perfect place to christen the new craft.

The board felt pretty lively as soon as i got to my feet and didn't take too much effort to get it up and going along the 2ft walls.

The Manno drive  was a familiar feeling, as if i was slipping my feet back into my uggboots for the first cold night of winter. Moulded to my feet like i had never taken them off.

The board felt reliable and seemed to go where i wanted it to "like all my previous DMDs" the only difference was this one felt more alive in the smaller conditions because of it's construction.



Sam and Danno looking Excited for the christening of their new babies!



Check out the clip below to see the D-Train in some juice under the feet of Toddy Taylor!!

Toddy and Jezza hit Lefties from Board Store on Vimeo.


Check them out HERE!