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Spicy Chilli Treats

February 11, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Spicy Chilli Treats

Board Store X Chilli Surfboards from Board Store on Vimeo.


Eating a spicy Chilli gets your body sweating and your metabolism cranking. Visiting Chile gets you some tasty food, great selfies and amazing point breaks. Surfing a Chilli will give you a smile from ear to ear, get you into some tasty pits and cruise you down some fun rollers with their range of magic boards.

During these summer months we have thoroughly enjoyed bringing back the funk with the Sugar. This little twinny is everything you need for going fast, drawing a speed turn and looking stylish on your soul arches. Another weapon that gets you firing in the small to medium stuff is the Black Vulture. With a nice wide front end,a flat rocker and hip to swallow tail this board moves fast and turns even faster.

When the waves decide to pulse and you reach for your performance board the Churro round tail is where it's at. This board has a relaxed entry rocker with slightly more foam in the chest and a smooth rail line down to a well rounded tail. Another high performer is the Nevada giving us a slightly wider than traditional outline to a squash tail giving nice release and providing a nice base to enjoy the power of the waves in the south west.

For when the waves start getting the extra spice to them you want some trust in your bottom turns, speed to play with and a rail you can drop with confidence. To achieve this Chilli collection offers us the Faded and the Odyssey. Both having the foam north of centre to paddle into anything you go for and the drawn out rail line these two are destined for getting waves of lifetimes.

So what ever your into whether fun little beachies, slabbing reef breaks or hollow points we are stocking heaps of Chilli's to suit.

Drop in, Get online or Give us a call to find out a winning formula for your surfing.