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Firewire/Go Fish

November 20, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Firewire/Go Fish

It started as a George Greenough inspired twin fin by Rob Machado, 

This is without doubt one of the most talked about and pre ordered boards in the store for this summer and the feedback keeps coming back positive.

At first glimpse the Go Fish looks like a traditional fish with a retro outline. Its not until you pick it up and have a closer look that you see there is far more going on with this board than meets the eye.  

The main ingredient in the Go Fish is the bottom contours that are best described as “BOARD EAT BOARD” and were inspired by a George Greenough design.  It now features a really flat bottom concave that runs down the centre all the way through the tail. The two side panels run down each rail on either side of the centre panel, and transition from concave to flat to Vee while maintaining the deep single concave down the middle.

The overall effect of these design parameters, when combined with a keel fin set up, is a highly manoeuvrable and speedy board with tons of drive.

One thing thats hard not to notice in the two clips below is how much speed both Mick and Rob get from just putting the board in the right part of the wave.

Generating speed never looked more effortless or stylish. 


Mick Fanning at the KS Surf Ranch.

Rob Machado at a french beach break.

Rob rides his Go Fish with the Futures Keel 2

futures k2 keel fin