Pyzel Surfboards is happy to announce the release of the 3rd addition to their Velocity Project series, the Precious, in collaboration with Jai Glindeman. The Precious model is an easy paddler board that gets up and goes fast and still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to get you the most out of every kind of wave from 1-6ft. The Precious came about when a friend asked Jon for a one-board quiver that he could take around the world and have a good surf on. “One board to rule them all” was the call and thus the name Precious came about (Lord of the Rings nerds will get this, everyone else just don’t worry about it).

"I based it off of the Gremlin since that board is so versatile and fun, but we wanted it to be sleeker, more towards a performance feel with less width and less chunky rails. To do that, and still keep a fair bit of volume in the board, we decided to make it a step-deck. This allowed us to keep some foam in the overall board, but let it have a sensitive, high-performance rail simultaneously. When creating the step-deck it also makes the deck concave, which adds stability and more sensitivity to the design, and it seems to give you a little extra boost of paddle power as a side benefit." - Jon Pyzel