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Lost carbon wrap - the tech

Ultra light, fused cell, EPS blanks provide the core for our unique construction. They are shaped and then “wrapped" in an exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fiber bands.

Using optically brightened EPOXY resin, the boards are then laminated with a proprietary composite of  fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Aligned together at the nose, our exclusive carbon fiber bands run the length of the board, curving outward towards the rails, creating and controlling our unique longitudinal and torsional flex pattern.

45degree "X-Glass” ™ adds impact and longitudinal strength, with minimal weight and encourages flex. This radiates foot pressure outward to a longer section of the rail, adding greater edge control.

The carbon bands "wrap" around the rails and onto the deck. It’s this unique method that creates our lively flex that loads and releases...resulting in speed and drive.


“Web-fused” carbon deck reinforcement: Adds strength and drive, smoothly tapers flex and prevents the deck from caving rail to rail.

The carbon that runs to the tail acts as a power point (for drive and control) under the rear foot and also as a tail patch to minimize pressure denting.

CARBON WRAP increases drive and provides and unique and lightning fast re-flex effect, propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance.