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After Nathan Florence asked for more foam in his favorite step-up boards we ended up with a beefed up version of the Next Step which Nathan dubbed The Tank. He rides it once his normal shortboards are too small to handle the waves and just won his first major event the Red Bull Cape Fear paddling his 6'6 into bombs at Shipsterns Bluff. While most of us have nightmares about that type of wave, it shows that the Tank is a board that can clearly handle whatever you want. It has been ridden around the world and proven by the best surfers in the best heavy water waves, but is also at home in any lineup that demands just a bit more board at your local spot or on your dream surf trip. The Tank has all the best characteristics of a great step-up

✪ Extra Volume where you need it most, under your chest, for maximum paddle power that lets you get into waves early and easy, gets you out of the impact-zone faster, and helps make long paddle outs less painful.

✪ Plenty of rocker for a high-performance feeling in larger, more powerful waves. Feels like your shortboard but with extra drive and hold to push as hard as you want. Also helps keep you safe taking late drops and lets you push your limits.

✪ Thinner rails and tail (when compared to the overall thickness) so your beefy board rides with the sensitivity of a thinner board- when you are going fast you don't want boggy, thick rails that slow you down or make it hard to set your bottom turn.

✪ We recommend that you go anywhere from 2" to 10" up from your shortboard, and add at least ¼ to ⅜ " of thickness (more as you go longer). Remember, in bigger waves foam is always your friend.