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LSD TWINNY ( SWALLOW ) // Osseus Construction


This Twinny model was inspired by an original Ben Aipa Twin fin.

Amazingly fun board for all conditions (just about). To be ordered 4 inches shorter/1 or 2 litres more than your standard shorty. Comes with a third stabiliser fin for the not so daring.

Built in our most favoured technology, the stringered epoxy (XF) gives this board life and pop like you wont believe. Tried and tested this board gives you th option to rip in everything with the confidence of longevity.

Also coming in the flax technology to offer a greener solution to get under our feet.

Flax fibre cloth is an engineered reinforcement fabric made from the bast of the flax
seed plant.  While flax fibre is one of the oldest cultivated fibres for textiles, it is only
recently that its use as a fibreglass substitute has been acheived.  Incorporating flax fibre
cloth in the lamination reduces the use of regular glass by 1/3rd and adds a great earthy
look and more importantly helps lower our carbon footprint.



Get one you wont regret it!!!

5'2 19 2  3/16 23.6
5'4 19 1/2 2 1/4 25.8
5'6 19 3/4 2  5/16 27.7
5'8 20 2 3/8 29.9
5'10 20 1/4 2 1/2 33.1
5'11 20 3/8 2  9/16 34.7
6'0 20 1/2 2 5/8 36.3
6'2 20 7/8 2 5/8 38.1
6'4 21 2 3/4 41.3


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Osseus Construction

LSD's new Osseus construction was developed to withstand some serious abuse. It has been specially designed to handle thick slabs or big punts without losing versatility or performance.

Osseus Construction LSD

The high quality EPS blank is closed cell with a traditional laminated timber stringer for both board feel and durability. We added a 65mm band of Innegra that is set into the bottom running parallel along the stringer creating a sprung reinforcement. Innegra has great torsional strength and dampening properties that help to tame the jumpiness of the EPS foam. We have also designed custom stomp pads using Innegra with carbon in key compression zones for added durability.

The board is then laminated with 4 oz fibreglass using epoxy resin with an additional biaxial fibreglass inlay on the deck, again increasing compression and tension strength.

Ossues EPS Epoxy Innegra
“The LSD team has been blown away by the board’s durability, performance and feel in the water."