Have you ever wanted to crawl inside the head of one of the worlds best shapers to see what they're thinking?

Unfortunately thats physically impossible but here is the next best thing. We shot off a few questions to the man behind Lost Surfboards and here is what he came back with. 

What’s your name?
Matt Biolos

Where do you live?
San Clemente Ca.

Where are you now?
Enroute to Telo Island Lodge.

Where are you from originally?
I was born blocks from Disneyland, Orange 🍊County Ca. About 30 minutes from where I live now.

What do you do?
I design surfboards.

When did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
When I was 17.

Tell us about the board you are riding or are excited about right now?
Hmmm. I just finished a quiver for Indo. Everything from a 6'0" ShortRound, 6'2" Quiver Killer, 6'4" RoundUp. 6'5" Driver, 6'6" Whiplash 1/2step and a 6'10" Whiplash StepUp. Starting at 40 liters.

What was the single most successful board you ever shaped and who was it for?
Oh um, probably the board Taj won Lowers on, in 2013. He also got third at Snapper, and second at Bells on it...the next year. Well, there's the board Tyler Wright won 4 of her 5 events on last year as well.

Who are your biggest influences in life?
Oh wow. Hmmm. My wife and kids.

FCS2, Futures or Captain Fin?
I fully back both FCS2 and Futures. They each have their Pros and cons.

Epoxy or PU?
By epoxy, I assume you mean EPS blanks. If so, epoxy in small surf and PU in most other. Although PU blanks with epoxy resin are good in any surf.

If you could surf any wave in Western Australia where would it be and what board would you ride?
I would love to surf mid sized NorthPoint without a crowd. I would prob use a 6'6" Whiplash. About 40liters.

Have you got advice for anyone ordering a custom board in the wave rich land of South West Australia?
Yea. Get them strong and with some paddle power.

Where do you see surfboard design going in the next 10 years?
I see wave pools having a profound impact on board design. But much of it would not carry over into the type of surf you mostly see in WA. That said, I see boards on the World Tour changing in only minute ways. Materials are evolving fast. New ones will continue to come to light.

What do you think you will be doing in 10 years and where do you hope to be? Probably pretty similar to now, but in 15 years I plan to wind things down a fair bit. My youngest kid is 8. ( we have four ) When he finishes college in about 12-14 years, I will be ready to relax. Spend time between easy warm waves and soft cold snow.