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Mark Richards Super Twin 2


From the Shaper:

The MR Super Twin 2 is the most popular and versatile model in the MR Surfboards range. MR describes it as his ultimate small wave high-performance board. This is the model MR chooses to ride most of the time and is a definate 'go to' option for pretty much all conditions at your local break. The Super Twin 2 is fast, loose and really easy to put on rail and push through turns.

The Super Twin 2 features a single to double concave for speed and the original winged swallow tail from my retro twin fin models such as the Flying Fish. The wider template with more nose area gives this model a good amount of floatation and paddling power.

The recommended fin set-up for the Super Twin is FCS MR Twin Fin.

This board performs like a faster, looser thruster. This model is loads of fun in every day conditions from waist to a little overhead.