Yow Surfskates Western Australia | Board Store

Remember Tarp Surfing? You never really liked it huh.

Maybe you couldn't get your shred on because the front truck was locked in all normal like...locked in too 'skate'?

Yow Surfskates make land shredding an actual thing, check it;

Both Yow surfskate systems have two wheelbase options on the same baseplate. You can go for the Short wheelbase for a new-generation feeling, faster pumping, re-entries and aerials.  The Long wheelbase option is recommended for wider, softer turns and more stability at higher speeds.

Each system comes with a locking pin that converts your surfskate into a cruiser, for when you need a break from the concrete waves. That’s two boards in one!

The kingpin angle and the high-quality engineering in both systems is exactly the same.