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SHARPEYE - Modern 2 (E2)


A mix of Modern and traditional.

The Modern 2. Our modern twin fin design, a cross breed between the famous MR twin of the 80's and the high performance thrusters of today. Birthed from filipe wanting something a little different to what he rides on tour, to surf during down time between events. Designed for pure fun, the Modern2 maintains speed extremely well with a great balance of drive and release. This board will change your approach in small waves, the perfect addition to the summer quiver.
Vee separates water to run off the rail making the board roll from rail to rail a lot easier. This helps the board turn in a tighter radius, particularly when combine with a flat rocker. Vee also deflects chop and prevents catching.
The boxy rails make for a forgiving, easy ride. Catch resistant in smaller weak conditions with more room for recovery after a misplaced carve or turn.
Flat rockers are perfect for increased planing and maintaining speed in smaller, weaker waves. The lack of curve will let you draw out lower lines and maintain it carry through those lines. Best suited to falter faced waves.