You got one week and one board to pack..what's it gonna be? | Board Store

January 02, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Trying to choose one board to go on a week surf trip could possibly be harder than deciding what to name your first born child.

A quick glance at the forecast before my departure and it was looking like overall small conditions with potentially a day or two of good waves at the points.

The LSD Twinny has crazy amounts of hold due to its pulled in tail and slightly pinched rails. The board has plenty of volume under the chest and a very flat rocker making it easy to get up and going with no delay in small, gutless waves.

Although the Twinny did its job in the small beachies, it wasn't until i got it on the open faces of Snapper that i really felt its true potential. Its speed and down the line flow gave it a magic carpet'esque feeling but still had the ability to get radical off the top.

I rode the board with the AMT fins by Futures. This is a twin fin setup with a very small centre fin. I find this setup makes it feel as if the harder you drive it the more it pushes back giving you more speed through rail turns but in saying that if you push it hard enough you will find the release point.

The Twinny is endless fun and might be the missing link in your summer quiver.

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