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Shapers Spine-Tek® replaces traditional timber stringers with a precision engineered composite spine, combining innovation & technology to deliver optimal flex-based performance.

Designed through the principles of elastic potential energy, Spine-Tek® allows the surfboard to flex, load-up on energy & then spring back to its natural rocker curve with additional drive, speed, power and flow.

channel islands spine tek

Shapers® Spine-Tek® is purpose built to deliver:

  • A lively, responsive feel
  • Enhanced speed & power
  • Increased control & manoeuvrability
  • Lasting performance - retains positive flex pattern
  • High vibration absorption - increase speed through chop

seabass spine tek 


In 1999 Al was searching for a solution to team riders’ dilemma of needing more speed and flow in lesser waves while maintaining high performance, world tour level surfing.

OG flyer spinetech

Best as an everyday board in everyday conditions, The Flyer has a single concave entry to double through the middle and a vee exit, Al’s signature bump squash, slight down rail, and a subtle nose beak.  To be ridden approximately the same length as you are tall.

OG flyer spine tech


If you are chasing an all round performance board then the FEVER is for you!! The drive off of the bottom and speed in and out of turns will keep you stoked in all types of waves across WA.

fever spinetek

 When ordering the Fever  stick to your volume which should give you around the same length as your standard short board. You will probably find it has a bit of an easier paddle with a little bit more foam under the chest than your standard short board

fever spinetek