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Chilli Surfboards/Boardstore (Stringered EPS)

January 08, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Chilli Surfboards/Boardstore (Stringered EPS)

The first drop of Boardstore/Chilli Surfboards has landed in the latest stringered EPS construction and they look, feel and surf insane!

Mid last year we got talking to James Cheal and his team of surfboard enthusiasts about what board construction worked best in our waves here in Southwest WA. After riding a bunch of different constructions in a variety of different surf we all came to the agreement that an EPS blank with a stringer was the way to go for both strength and performance. 

Chilli surfboards/ boardstore colab

Chilli have done us 5 models in this construction that cover a huge range of surf for all kinds of surfers.

Mini Bird:The perfect grom board! plenty of hidden volume for easy paddling.

The Black Vulture: Chilli's latest performance groveller built for speed when the waves are slow!

Rare Bird: One of the most diverse boards boards to hit our shelves from small and fat to steep and hollow this board does it all! quad or thruster? you decide.

Nevada: Your all round performance shortboard! no frills just performance.

Faded: Designed to harness speed. More hold for when the waves are on!


When testing the stringered EPS construction we found it still had the spark of an EPS in the small waves but when the waves got bigger or had a little more push the stringer kept the board stiff enough that it still had drive through turns. This gave the board more momentum than a stringerless EPS blank and made a huge big difference in windy conditions by reducing board chatter.


Here's how the boards are glassed

Boardstore/Chilli surfboards stringered EPS


Board Store X Chilli Surfboards from Board Store