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Bali Blitz

August 16, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Bali Blitz

Surf trips don't come as fun and easy as two weeks in Bali with 10 of your mates.

Lazy warm water sessions, Affordable meals and a handful of Bintang fueled shenanigans are all the ingredients you need to nail a two week Bali vacation. These boys did exactly that!


Bali Blitz. from Board Store on Vimeo.


Video: Lachy Micale

Music: song1. Bonobo, song2. The Lonesomes 

Kael Walsh: Rook15 By Channel Islands.

Jack Thomas: Faded, Spawn by Chilli Surfboards.

Nath Lang: Fever by Channel Islands.

Felix Leaver: Black&White / Rook15 by Channel Islands

Leo Hopkins: The Roach by Stacey surfboards.


Jack thomas lady killer bali

Jack Thomas sandwich.

photo: Lachy Micale

lang boardstore bali

Nathan Langsford always promoting safety first.

photo: Lachy Micale

wyatt bali boardstore

Wyatt doesn't believe in safety.

photo: Lachy Micale


The Bukit boardstore bali

 The Bukit from above. 

photo: @_con_air_

jack thomas boardstore bali

Jack Thomas  on his way to a post surf Nasi Goreng.

photo: Lachy Micale

Bintang boardstore


photo: Lachy Micale

bali boardstore


Goat trails. 

photo: Max Sumich