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Moonshine - Demon (Pintail Channels)


Moonshine Surfboards 

Demond - Channel Twin

This Channel bottom twin pin design is the answer to all your surfing needs.

The Demond can trim a face cleaner than a cut throat shave from the barber. Small waves, big waves, fat waves, hollow waves this board doesn't give a shit what the conditions Huey throws at it.

With a board like this under your feet your guaranteed to have one hell of a time. 




Exciting new alternative surfboards shaped in the wild west.

Moonshine Long fish from Board Store on Vimeo.


These alternative boards are for everyone! From your traditional log or mid length to a Colin earle shape single fin. Our personal favourite is the longfish, the longfish is a twin fin that stands 6 foot 10 inches. Perfect for those cruisey highlines and surprisingly those none bullshit rail gauging cut backs!


Moonshine Log from Board Store on Vimeo.


Wherever or whatever you surf, these boards belong in your quiver. Exclusive to @boardstore in the southwest region.