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Pyzel Red Tiger



Silky smooth, even in junk waves, and possibly our fastest board yet, The Red Tiger is John John Florence’s new High Performance Shortboard unlike anything we have released in the past. It is the ultimate performance machine for medium sized, slower, weaker waves, based on John’s simple guidance - ”make it Fast and Fun”.


The idea for this board was hatched when John began riding some different “fun” boards during some breaks from competing. By far his favorite in the last year has been our new flat rockered, Funformance board, the White Tiger (5’6’’), and he asked me to turn that design into something he could take back on tour to ride when the surf was less than pumping, or on the weaker side...Ride your Red Tiger around an inch shorter than “normal” HPSB, and a bit wider. Volume should be close, but go up a ½ to1 liter for added zing in weaker waves."-Jon Pyzel