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Yow Surfskate Coxos 31" Dream waves

The Yow Coxos is a very fun and reactive board for people who like to do very radical turns and for kids.

It mounts the S4 system which is very reactive and will allow you to do very critical moves. Combined with the Cinetic wheels 66x51mm 80A, which have a lot of grip, you will be able to move your board as you want with a lot of control.

  • Size: 31″ x 10.25″ x 18″ WB
  • Trucks: YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver
  • Wheels: 66 x 51mm 82A Coral
  • YOW System: S4
  • Concave: Performance
  • Rocker: Tail Rocker

Coxos is considered as one of the best waves in Portugal, providing high-quality right-hander waves on almost any size of waves. When it gets perfect, it can get pretty heavy, with long, fast and furious sections that can turn the barrel of your life into a nasty beating.

The Trucks

All Yow skateboards feature the revolutionary locking front truck, which gives you the best of both worlds. Carve like a surfboard at your local skatepark and then when you’ve got the long cruise home, just insert the pin to lock the front truck and the board rides like a regular cruiser.