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T&C The Sidewinder


Glenn Pang has been shaping Hawaiian step ups for the best surfers in the world for years. When the CT or QS guys are paddling out at Sunset or Pipe, often, it is on a Pang, and often, the model is a Sidewinder.

The Sidewinder has flowing rocker that allows the board to turn tight in the pocket while still holding well in the barrel and on steep sections of the wave. It has a single concave with a slight double vee off the tail.

  • High performance step up board
  • Overhead waves
  • Rounded pin tail
  • Billy Kemper inspired spray
  • Oversized T&C logo
  • Wet and dry sanded
  • FCS 2 or Future fin systems available
  • Clear finish available 
  • 5 week turnaround on customs