The Microlite Ding Repair from Solarez was formulated especially for surfboard foam and deep dings. It's lightweight and easy to sand.
This ding repair cures either by UV light in approximately 3 minutes or by MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes. Each tube comes with 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader card for ding repair process. Not for use on Styrofoam (EPS)
One part, no mixing
Light, easy to sand/shape
Cures when exposed to UV light
Dual cure, can be catalyzed
Gels in seconds and cures in minutes
Emits 95% less VOC's (vapours) than conventional cure systems
Denser, higher strength crosslinking
Millions of microbaloon fibres (approx the diameter of a human hair) are thoroughly wet out and evenly dispersed in every dose
Solarez is a Bubble-free mixture. Bubbles and un-wet fibres are fractures waiting to happen