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Mayhem/Pyzel MAYZEL


Matt Biolos and Jon Pyzel had a baby!!

This board is a combination of Mayhem and Pyzels finest work, A performance blade designed for wave destruction.

The Mayzel or maybe The Pyhem, depends which shaper you ask.

Only comes in three sizes, five-eleven (27.7 litres), six-o (29.2 litres) and six-one (30.7 litres),

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'11 18.75 2.38 27.7L
6'0 18.88 2.44 29.2L

All Mayzels come with Futures boxes. Lightboxes.

Made out of fibreglass and carbon, the same as the board. Unlike plastic, the Lightboxes form a chemical bond with the fibreglass and resin. All of the Mayzels come with it even though the system ain’t being rolled out until the end of the year.