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Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez Pocket Rocket thruster


Pocket Rocket Thruster

For Indo, Hawaii, or anywhere 4′-8′ waves are pumping, the Pocket Rocket is the main battle board in your quiver.

Pocket Rocket delivers extra speed, maneuverability, and control to make riding the edge a whole lot of fun and not as white knuckled, barely hanging in there exercise.

In general, the Pocket Rocket would be anywhere in length from 6′-4″ to 8′-0″ depending on the rider and where they surf.? *Fins Not Included



Pocket Rocket Thruster

Length Width Thickness Volume
6'4" 19.375" 2.5" 33.
6'10" 18.5" 2.625" 37.6
7'4" 20" 2.75" 43.3
8'0" 20.5" 2.875" 50.6